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Project 365/ Day 41 YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND

(July 13, 2011)
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So this is the chick that talked Jack into doing Swim team again this year!!! Love that girl. ;)

Here's the story about these two: 5 years ago they were in pre-k together (almost 6...they are about to go into 5th grade). Towards the end of the year Jack came home from school and said, "Mom, I need to get my church shoes, vest tie and dress shirt/pants. I'm taking Elena out to dinner....we're getting married!" pause......Brian says "YOU DON'T WANT ANY PART OF THAT WOMAN!" LOLOLOLOL

So that summer, when they were 5 yrs old they both started swim team. They were inseperable. The first meet comes,which really isn't a meet because there is no other team. It's Time Trials which is run like a meet to get the swimmer ready and to have their times on board to see where they are at and what to shoot for and better during the next meet. So there is a lot of "down time" for the swimmers during a meet where they are waiting for their turn to swim. Elena's mom and I are "timers" in the same lane so we're standing next to each other when the kids come up to us. Jack has written IN INK all over his arm says "Jack <3 a="a" and="and" arm="arm" as="as" big="big" chest="chest" colored="colored" elena="elena" font="font" forehead="forehead" giant="giant" heart="heart" his="his" in.="in." in="in" ink="ink" is="is" number="number" on="on" other="other" phone="phone" s="s" smaller="smaller" the="the" yes="yes">

I completely lose it and start CrAcKiNg up laughing while Dana screams ELENA!!!! She knows right away that Elena did it since Jack didn't know their phone number, and who could draw on themselves upside down like that. Jack was completely embarrased and wanted to cry. I felt so bad for laughing, but couldn't help telling everyone under my breathe. They all thought it was so cute. ;)

So at the end of the swim year they give out awards and give fun awards to the kids as well. Jack and Elena got "CUTEST COUPLE" and were made to stand in front of everyone and recieve their paper document award as well as matching bracelets that had kissy lips and hearts all over them. Again completely embarrased. hehehe.

But that has not detered them from their friendship. They really are so cute together...even with the size difference. She's tall for her age and is almost a year older than him. He is short for his not sure if he'll ever catch up?

project 365 day 41

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