Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 365/ Day 42: SHINE

(July 13, 2011)
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Have been seeing these little devils by the droves this summer!!! Spotted tons of them at Brookside Gardens, then noticed them on the outskirts of our little woods behind our house that we walk by on the way to our pool. I captured a few at our friends house where the 21st birthday party was. Corinne actually did too and used one for her 365 for that day.

This guy I got on the Eastern Shore of Maryland...right on the other side of the Bay Bridge in Kent Narrows. I was about to go up the stairs of a nature center and there were 10-20 flying around and landing on the flowers there. Most of them were all blue but this gold/black one really caught my eye and he landing facing towards me....bonus, I got his big eyes! :)) Was very happy with this one.

project 365 day 42

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