Friday, February 13, 2015

Healthy living transformation with medifast & tsfl

Hmmmm might be time to start blogging again. I'll start with my biggest accomplishment since last August (my last post). For those who follow me on Facebook, Twitter & especially Instagram you already know I've been on a quest to lose weight & get healthy. I've lost 40 pounds & have gone from a size 16 to a size 4. What???? I seriously can't remember the last time I was a 4. Maybe college. Time to tone now. My skin, especially around my belly is lose & flabby. It will need time to shrink. I'm not looking for perfection all at once but am enjoying this journey & transformation. 
          Size 16.                    Size 4.
Monthly progress from August 2014-February 2015. 

I've been using medifast food and eating a low carb "lean & green" meal once a day. Take Shape For Life also provided me with a health coach, online group support & materials to learn how to adjust my lifestyle to incorporate habits of health for a lifetime. I have learned so many new things through this program & know this is something that will stick. Finally!! 

More blogging tomorrow. One topic at a time for now...

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