Monday, February 16, 2015


Yes...I am a "Mimi". Mr. Timothy Brian made me a gmom June 1st, 2013. Although I was not ready to be a grand mom quite yet, he is the bestest little guy ever and the best thing to happen to his mommy. 

He is definitely one loved baby & he is very loving in return. He has stolen all of our hearts & made the stress of life bearable. Seeing my daughter turn into this wonderful nurturing loving mother has been beyond amazing for me. She gave us a run for our money as a teen & becoming a young mom was another worry. She has stepped up to the plate though & is coming into her own. 

She has been working as an assistant groomer for almost a year now at Petco & is starting training soon to become a full fledged dog groomer. She works very hard & is good at what she does. She even does things above & beyond helping her coworkers out without expecting anything in return or shared tips. They all love here there. 

I have been watching Timmy while Corinne is at work during the week. His other grandparents have him on weekends. He certainly loves making messes but is the smartest darn kid ever. It's amazing how from day to day he says or does something new. Today he had fun drawing on paper, stacking cans, playing in his tent/ballpit & shooting hoops while counting to 10. He's not even 2 yet! 

Oh yeah and he already loves peeing on the potty. Lil stinker!!!!

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