Monday, February 23, 2015


Fun fun fun! I somehow got thrown in to leading a Zumba class for my church last summer thanks to Facebook & a misunderstanding. It was one of the best accidents of my life. 

It happened at just the right time when I had only been in my new diet plan for only a few weeks. One of my leaders from when I was a youth contacted me as she thought I was an instructor. Several years before I posted in Facebook several times when I was taking a Zumba class that a friend was teaching at our church. I had never taught or lead a class and had not even done Zumba in a couple years so I redirected my old youth leader. But something nagged at me. 

I kept thinking about how fun it would be to actually teach a class! I grew up taking dance classes for 12 years. Tap, jazz & ballet were my loves & when I was young my dream was to be a dance instructor. I had so much fun taking Zumba but never really thought about teaching it until it was presented to me. I searched Zumba dances on youtube & found ones that I liked. I thought I could at least learn enough to teach one class! So I asked my former youth leader if she had found anyone yet to teach her one time class. She had not. I told her I would go ahead & do it. I was so nervous!!! It was a hit though! All the ladies loved it and it inspired me to reach out & get a weekly class up & running. I have since put together 10 dances that we enjoy doing each week. 

My goal is to get certified and become a paid instructor. What's better than having fun, staying fit AND getting paid for it? Nothing. 

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