Tuesday, November 13, 2007

whine whine whine

Chris has missed 7 days of school now and counting....

I took him back to the night-time Dr.'s last night cause his fever was still up over 102 and his ears were hurting more...hoping it was actually something we could get antibiotics for! Yes, he did have a pretty bad infection and probably has a sinus infection too. Gave him some cough med w/codiene as well. His fever is still up today, but ear and throat are now starting to feel a little better and he was actually able to eat something other than soup this afternoon! I'm sure he's lost about 10 lbs.

I was so upset last night though cause the Dr. would only give me him a note for school for yesterday and today and wouldn't post date it from last Monday. I told them we went to his regular dr. last Monday as was at their place, the night-time Dr., last Wednesday, but they still would not back-date it. I sure hope I don't have a fight on my hands with the school. They are so particular about excused absences. It's the beginning of the 2nd marking pd. and he may have already failed it!!! He's been so anxious to go back to school too, which is not like him at all. He realized how much work he is missing though and is just sick of being sick. I feel so bad for him.

Spencer started w/ears and throat last night too, but so far no fever. I've been giving him tylenol and Cepacol throat losenges, as well as peroxide and numbing oil for his ears and so far he's doing ok. Jack is still on antibiotics too. Now just hoping we all are ok next week cause we are planning on going to my parents house in Delaware for the whole week of Thanksgiving!

I've been busy this morning getting my thoughts and questions together for our book club tonight. We're discussing Stephenie Meyer's books, New Moon and Eclipse. I can't wait!!!

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