Saturday, November 10, 2007

stuck at home

still lots of sickos in my house. Chris seems to just be getting worse. I've started giving him some decongestant meds because that has started now. He wasn't having signs of that before, but maybe he was getting some post nasal drip causing a sore throat. His fever is still running high and his throat and ears are still hurting. He's not one to usually complain, but he has been sooooo miserable. Then last night he said he was in the bathroom nauseous. This morning he asked if Brian could give him a blessing. Brian is at work today, but when he gets home his dad is coming over to help him give Chris a blessing. I'm so proud of Chris for even thinking and asking for one. I thought of it too this morning, but Chris said it first.

I ended up taking Jack to the Dr. yesterday. I felt like I lived at the Dr.'s this week! He ended up having a really bad infection in his left ear and is on amoxicillin. He's feeling better this morning.

So last night Brian and I had our date night in. I ordered Chinese and went to Blockbuster. The kids are watching Meet The Robinsons right now.

Can't wait for the sickness to be over and hope no one else gets it! We've been lucky and having had a really sick winter in a few years. Crossing my fingers this year isn't it.

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