Sunday, September 27, 2009

Creed vs. Alter Bridge

I'm a little torn. I feel like a traitor watching and singing to


again! When they split up in 2004 I was somewhat bummed but understood that the band members, led by



(I melt whenever I see him or hear him play)

decided to split, mostly due to lead singer Scott Stapps overuse of alcohol and possibly drugs. We went to a Creed concert in 2003 @ Nissan Pavilion in Virginia and absolutely loved it.

The following year however, my brother-in-law informed us that Mark Tremonti (lead guitar), Brian Marshall (bass), Scott Phillips (drums) and Myles Kennedy (previous lead singer for Mayflower Four) formed a new band

alter bridge


We bought their CD, "One Day Remains" and FELL IN LOVE!!! Not a bad song on there. My favs are


but really love them all.

Then they released "Blackbird" in 2007 and again.....not a bad song on there!!!!

WHITE_KNUCKLES is rockin'!!

I cry every time I hear WATCH_OVER_YOU . Myles sings this acoustic version beautifully on their DVD: Live from Amsterdam. They also had Cristina Scabbia of "Lacuna Coil" do backgrounds for another version and I love trying to sing her part. :)

ONE_BY_ONE is one of the best songs I've heard in support of our troops and fallen heros.

And BLACKBIRD is such a beautiful song w/Tremonti doing what he does best for his guitar solo.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I listen to these guys EVERY DAY. We went to see them in concert 4 times in the last 3 years (this past year they didn't tour). We even drove 5 hours to see them perform with Godsmack in upper New York. It was soooooo worth it! I got to meet them, hugged Mark Tremonti (yes I melted and felt like a young school girl groupie) & Myles Kennedy.

signed alter bridge shirt

I got them to sign my shirt (while it was on me...hahaha) and they signed their blackbird CD for me as well.

Only 2 more days until their DVD comes out, Live from Amsterdam!!!! I've been waiting a year for it and can't wait to be able to watch my favorite band any time I want. On 10/4 we're going to see Myles at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore as well as the Paul Reed Smith band--very stoked!

So Alter Bridge fans (including us) have been very leary of Creed getting back together. We don't want to see our favorite band split up! There was talk earlier this year that Myles was going to go on tour with Led Zepplin as their lead singer, but that never happened. We have been informed however that Alter Bridge will continue to be together. Like I said, their DVD is out this Tuesday, and they also have a new CD coming out in 2010.

Meanwhile Creed is touring now and their new CD, "Full Circle" is being released 10/27/09. They set a Guiness Book of World Records last Friday night at their Houston, TX concert for "most cameras used for covering a live performance event". They had 242 cameras as they broadcast live on-line at .

I video taped some of their songs, including their new singles



The original band members, Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall & Scott Phillips are back together, along with Eric Friedman who plays awesome rhythm guitar and sings powerful back-up.

It was nice to hear him sing their old songs too.







Anonymous said...

Alter Bridge & Myles Kennedy all the way....will see you at Ram's Head! Oh, and love Creed, minus!

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The Lowe Family said...

i'm surprised u didn't let them sign ur nips. that would have been awesome...or wait...did brian get that honor on HIS shirt?

kimmychan1967 said...

haha...maybe i should get them as tats there! he got a godsmack shirt and we didn't go to see them. :(