Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First of all I have to say I'm getting a little faster at this blogging thing on blogger. It took me forever to figure out what size to make pictures so they would fit on this blog site without getting cut off. So the more I do this the more wordy I might get because I'll have more time to write. :) Not sure if those reading will appreciate that or not!
So this winter has by far been the snowiest winter we've had in a loooooong time. In fact this past year we have had a LOT of precipitation. Our backyard has pretty much been a boggy mess since last Spring. The kids don't get to play back there much and if they do it's just to get on the trampoline. Luckily there is a field right on the other side of our fence where they can play and get rid of their energy.
This is the view from our back yard out onto the field and up to the hill the kids enjoy sledding on when it snows. We've been getting lots of that in this winter! I decided to go out with camera this time since I'm trying to blog every day. :D
no school day fun blog 1
It was such a beautiful day...look at those blue skies!
I can't believe the kids had off school. They said it snowed 4-5 inches, but to me it only looked like 2. At least this morning anyway...and it melted fast since it's over 32 during the day. It drives me crazy that they get off school with only a few inches. It messes up my homeschooling the 2 middle kids and at this rate the other 2 will be in school half the summer!
no school day fun blog 2
Jack's trying his hand (and feet) at snowboarding...minus the snowboard.
no school day fun blog 3
Peace mom...look at me loungin. That's his friend Robert behind him.
no school fun blog 4
I loved this photo of all of them at the bottom. So colorful. Jack had fun! Spencer decided not to go out today. He's such a lazy bum...haha.
no school day fun 5
Jack going faster on his new sled
he had to get mom on too....i'm such a noisy girl. :)

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Camilla said...

Looks like so much fun! I miss snowboarding.